PAPTAC CENTRAL: A successful 1st Virtual Bleaching Committee Meeting

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A successful 1st Virtual Bleaching Committee Meeting

Daniel Brouillette
Bleaching Committee

PAPTAC’s Bleaching Committee held its Fall 2020 meeting on October 27 as planned. It was a virtual and shortened version of the regular bi-annual two and a half day meetings but was very successful and well attended with over 50 participants attending the meeting. The platform selected to hold the virtual meeting worked well and provided the necessary features. Participants collaboration and adherence to virtual meeting etiquette was amazing, and provided for an above expectation experience for everyone.

The roundtable discussions generated great exchanges. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and get advises from very knowledgeable members and they returned to work with very helpful and practical information on where to start in their process optimisation and troubleshooting efforts.

The committee members collectively hold an invaluable wealth of knowledge that has taken years to acquire and these meetings encourage, allow and facilitate the transfer of this knowledge to the next generations of pulp and paper experts, specialists, and enthusiasts. The October 27th meeting was a great example of this.

We look forward to more learning experiences and development opportunities at our Spring 2021 meeting which we hope to hold in a face to face format.

PAPTAC wishes to remind its members of the great value of taking part in committee activities through meetings and email groups. Visit the Committee Section to review the list of PAPTAC’s active Technical Committees and contact us to join!

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