The Bleaching Community is a group of pulp & paper industry representatives comprised of mill personnel, researchers, suppliers, and consultants, all of whom share an interest in the bleaching of chemical pulp and the fibre line in general.

In addition to a strong technical component, one of the key benefits of membership in the Bleaching Community is the personal interaction; the opportunity to meet like-minded members of the industry who can help you to solve problems. In times when resources can be scarce, the ability to reach out to other members you have met in the Bleaching Community for advice and trouble-shooting can be a real asset.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Honey Nampak, P.Eng.
Harmac Pacific
Leader, PAPTAC Bleaching Community



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This space is reserved for active members of the Bleaching Community and is intended as a working area for ongoing sub-committee projects and to post member-only relevant information.


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