PaperWeek FLASH: Register Now for Process Optimization and Management Program

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Process Optimization and Management are coming back in 2024 after their huge success last year!
One Management session 
and two Process Optimization & Reliability sessions will run on-site at The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal on Wednesday February 7, 2024, with expert presentations to help you optimize your operations.

SESSION 1, Wednesday February 7, 08:30 ET- Process Optimization & Reliability – I

08:30 “Reality Check: You are not ready for Digital Transformation”, Arnaud Deziel-Richer, Spartakus Technologies
09:00 “Multivariate model-driven approach to establish process specifications”, Vincent Béchard, Différence GCS
09:30 “Valve Condition Monitoring for Better Plant Reliability”, Maxime Brisson, Contrôles Laurentide

SESSION 2, Wednesday February 7, 13:30 ET- Management

13:30 “How Leaders can Create a Real Rather than Espoused Speak-Up Culture”, George Bower, DEKRA
14:00 “Technical problem solving leading to culture change D-MAIC”, Dominic St-Onge, Différence GCS & Jean-Benoit Thibodeau and Stéphanie Morin, DOMTAR Windsor
14:30 “The Operational Excellence Journey of an Operations VP”, Martin Carignan, Différence GCS & François Aubertin, Consultant

SESSION 3, Wednesday February 7, 15:30 ET- Process Optimization & Reliability – II

15:30 “Utilizing Advanced Controls for pH Stability and Chemical Cost Reduction in Mill Effluent Treatment Plants”, Valois Parisien & Benoit Janvier, Enero Solutions
16:00 “Return-On-Investment Approach to Papermaking Chemistry”, Joanne Palma, Pulp Solutions
16:30 “Future of Maintenance & Reliability”, David Walker, Valmet