PAPTAC’s Bleaching Committee Fall 2023 meeting will be held October 24-26 in Kamloops, BC, hosted by Kruger Kamloops Mill.

The technical session theme for the meeting is “Brownstock/Bleach Washing”.

The first two days of the meeting (October 24th and 25th) will be at the Coast Hotel and Conference Center in Kamloops from 8am to 5pm, and then there will a tour of the Kamloops mill on October 26th.

If you have a presentation for the technical session, please contact Honey Nampak. Remember that presentations do not have to be long or formal, a few slides can make a great presentation! Presentations outside of the technical theme are also welcome and can be submitted to Honey.

If you are planning to attend the meeting, please complete the registration form here

Details on program and registration will be announced soon.

Michael Doucet, BTG Bleaching Committee Leader

Michael Doucet
Bleaching Committee Leader