The Tissue track will run 4 technical sessions from Monday to Thursday in the afternoon, with expert presentations around timely topics related to various stages of tissue making.

SESSION 1, Monday February 6, 14:30 ET- Pulp Furnish for Tissue – Market Trends

14:30 “Key Issues for NBSK demand & supply in changing global climate”, Brian McClay, Brian McClay & Associates (BMO & TTO)
15:00 “ Eucalyptus Fibers for Tissue Application”, Manoel Faez & Luiz Fernando, Suzano
15:30 “Non-wood pulp – supply and availability”, Xuejun Zou, FPInnovations

SESSION 2, Tuesday February 7, 14:30 ET- Pulp Furnish for Tissue – Fibre Enhancement & Sustainability

14:30 “Approaches to Overcome the Conflict of Strength and Softness Tissue Paper by Optimizing Fibre Properties”, Zhibin He, UNB (University of New Brunswick)
15:00 “Improving Tissue Softness and Absorption Furnish Treatment and Embossing”, Hongbin Liu & Xingye An, TUST (Tianjin University of Science & Technology)
15:30 “Carbon Footprint of Market Pulps: How to Measure It and Pathways to Reducing It”, Martin Fairbank, Martin Fairbank Consulting

SESSION 3, Wednesday February 8, 14:30 ET- Tissue 202

14:30 “Forming and Structure Tissue”, Pierre Brunet, Andritz
15:00 “Tissue Chemistry”, Lucyna Pawlowska, Kemira
15:30 “Creping Process”, Shawn Hickey, BTG
16:00 “Tissue Converting and Embossing”, Paulo Lazzareschi, Gambini

SESSION 4, Thursday February 9, 14:30 ET- Digitalization and Data Analytics – Application to Tissue Making

14:30 “ Tissue Making Challenges and Solutions”, Timo Arra, TietoEVRY
15:00 “An Overview of Creped Tissue Manufacturing”, Srikantha Phani, UBC (University of British Columbia)
15:30 “Tissue Converting”, Rick Roeske & Stefano Spinelli, PCMC

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Xuejun Zou, FPInnovations

Stéphan Larivière, FPInnovations

Martin Pudlas, Red Leaf Pulp

Martin Desrosiers, Produits Kruger

Jessica Carette, Cascades