After a 27 year career in the pulp and paper industry, Tom joined Reliability Solutions in 2011 to return to his passion for building people. On Monday February 6, 12:30 ET, Tom Carr will share his reliability experience in a full session entitled “What is Robbing you of a Good Day at Work?”.

During his career in pulp and paper, he worked as a craftsman, a maintenance instructor, a training coordinator, a reliability specialist and a maintenance supervisor. The different roles prepared him well to serve as a mentor and instructor for technicians and leadership teams in manufacturing that desire a step change in reliable manufacturing. Tom’s experience leads him to understand the different roles and responsibilities associated with this step change.

What does a good day at work look like for you and the people around you? The ability to describe what a good day at work looks like is important in your journey to more reliable manufacturing. In manufacturing, no matter what the process, your good day at work depends on a lot of rotating or reciprocating equipment doing what it is supposed to do. If you listen closely to how people describe what a good day at work looks like, they are describing a manufacturing process that is running reliably. In this sense, everyone is interested in reliable manufacturing. When you ask machine operators what robs them of a good day at work, they will tell you specifics around unreliable processes or equipment. When you ask maintenance technicians what robs them of a good day at work, they will tell you when they are yanked and jerked around all day long while working on “break-ins”.

In our time together, we will explore why most seem to distance themselves from “reliability efforts” but value a “good day at work”. What if we could engage the masses and create passionate advocates for reliable manufacturing? I will show by presentation what is robbing you of a good day at work and give you a pathway to more reliable manufacturing… through your people.

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Tom Carr

Tom Carr
Reliability Solutions LP