PaperWeek is pleased to offer participants a timely Reliability Workshop held on-site in Montreal February 6 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.


The workshop will be led by Tom Carr, Director of Client Care at Reliability Solutions, and entitled “Reliable Manufacturing – Providing a Better Day at Work”.

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary manufacturing, the reliable operation of production systems is paramount. Ensuring efficiency and responsiveness to market demands is critical for delivering exceptional products that delight customers at optimal costs, thereby securing equitable returns for stakeholders. This workshop introduces the “Reliable Manufacturing” concept and explores its diverse application areas.

The session delves into the transformative aspects of mindset, culture, and skill sets, scrutinizing how sponsorship and advocacy can instigate essential changes to enhance reliability in manufacturing and yield positive impacts on the bottom line. The workshop meticulously examines the process of pre-planning improvements, achieving post-application results, and the effectiveness of training in delivering immediate on-the-floor outcomes. It contemplates the essence of application success and how strategic actions can propel tangible advancements in asset reliability, maintenance cost reduction, enhanced production, and decreased energy consumption. A proven reliability matrix is presented as a guiding model for sustained success and measurable improvement.

Central to the workshop is an exploration of how Precision Maintenance fosters skill set development. It underscores that planned maintenance improvement is initiated with precise and documented machine assembly, installation, alignment, and balance retention techniques for direct and belt drive systems. The journey from “good enough” to precision is elucidated through presentations and demonstrations, showcasing the value of an alternative maintenance approach characterized by a known, precise, disciplined, and documented methodology.

Furthermore, the workshop addresses the evolving role of the “owner/operator.” Attendees gain insights into the significance of machine operators who comprehend equipment functionality, recognize functional failure modes, and discern early signs of potential breakdowns. With the right tools and training, operators become the first line of defense against machinery breakdowns. A distinction is made between a mere checklist and a comprehensive asset reliability inspection, emphasizing the outcome—a well-crafted, precisely timed work request.

The overarching goal is to stop the surprises in the middle of the night! By positively influencing unscheduled downtime events, the workshop aims to significantly enhance production cost efficiency, reduce the likelihood of safety incidents, and elevate the quality of everyday life for individuals in the manufacturing realm.