A World-Class Program Delighted PaperWeek’s Participants

The 2023 PaperWeek edition rewarded participants with another stunning program and an incredible mill participation, with 746 mill employees among a total of 950 registered delegates.Over 100 speakers presented their work, and shared their thoughts and ideas in panels and roundtables at PaperWeek 2023, with over 35 sessions dedicated to the industry’s traditional and emerging fields.Speaking of emerging fields: BIOFOR bridged the gap between mills and biorefinery research with incredibly hands-on and insightful sessions which attracted more mill employees than ever before. Hats-off to the BIOFOR Program Committee!

From Papermaking to Tissue, through Energy and Reliability, everyone enjoyed a great learning opportunity and instant access to experts from arount the world. PAPTAC wishes to thank the Program Committee Members for their time, expertise and dedication in helping us putting in place a comprehensive program that generated discussions and set the table for future developments and opportunities to help our industry grow.

All participants now have the opportunity to consult video recordings of the PaperWeek 2023 sessions, as well as have access to presentations in PDF or Powerpoint format when made available by presenters.Please contact PAPTAC at [email protected] with a detailed request of the sessions or presentations you wish to consult.

If you have not yet done so, participants also have the opportunity to help us improve the conference by taking a short and anonymous survey. Let us know your thoughts, comments, suggestions so we can keep serving our industry in the best possible way! Click here to take the survey

PAPTAC also wishes to thank all the sponsors, moderators and of course the participants who help make this event so relevant and enjoyable each yearm thank you and see you in 2024!