September 20, 2013


PAPTAC's Niagara Branch Roundtable Recap
  Chaired by Ed Slachta (Buckman), representatives of Resolute, Clearwater, Sonoco, Enbridge, Horizon Utilities, and Buckman gathered at the Legends on the Niagara Golf Club for a 1/2 day of technical presentations on Energy Conservation and Sustainability, rounded off with a game of golf. Participants heard presentations on Energy Cost Reduction, EcoEnergy Efficiency, Industrial Programs, and Industrial Process & Systems Incentives. Martin Lensink pointed out that it is extremely important to monitor energy use as "one can't manage what one is not measuring and monitoring". Both Jeff Mazzei and Julio Lopez pointed out that there are great incentive programs and funds that companies can qualify for, and strongly encouraged companies to make use of the tools provided by the different suppliers and government agencies.
Pulp Screening Webinar   Standard Methods Commitee Meeting

The Paper Machine Technology Community (PMTC) will hold a webinar on September 24, 2013 / 13:00 - 13:45 ET. This webinar entitled ''Pulp Screening: Operation and Optimization'', will be presented by Robert Gooding – Aikawa Fiber Technologies, and focus on the basics of screen operation and mill strategies to optimize screen performance.
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The PAPTAC Standard Methods committee will have its Fall 2013 meeting on Thursday October 24, 2013 at FPInnovations - Pointe-Claire, QC, with discussions on the status of upcoming revisions as well as new standards being developped.
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