June 14, 2012




Paperboard Packaging Community Meeting this fall

PAPTAC's Paperboard Packaging Community is planning a meeting in the Toronto or Southern Ontario area this Fall, combined with a professional development workshop and a mill visit. "We are very pleased to see this Community resume its activities under the leadership of David Jones, Buckman and the PAPTAC Executive Council and serve this important segment of the industry in Canada. - Greg Hay, Executive Director PAPTAC

Be sure to visit The Paperboard Packaging Community section for details and updates.

Dave Jones,
Paperboard Packaging
Community Chairman
Gerry Murray,
Atlantic Packaging
PAPTAC Concillor
Greg Hay,
Executive Director

News from the Australian and
New Zealand P&P Industry

Adele Elice-Invaso
Executive Director

People Productivity Profits
66th Annual Conference and Exhibitio

From 15 to 18 April over 300 delegates attended the Appita Annual Conference and Exhibition at Melbourne Park.

At the Appita Annual General meeting, held on Wednesday 18 April 2012, the new Executive Commitee was elected.
President, Vaughn Coleman, and Vice President, Carlo Bigaran, remain for another year.

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PAPTAC and CIFQ at Domtar Windsor

The staff from PAPTAC and the CIFQ (Quebec's Forest Industry Council) visited the Domtar Windsor mill earlier this week and had a forest tour as well as a tour of the mill's installations, including the newly built NCC plant. Staff from both organizations also took the opportunity to meet and discuss with the mill's employees and share some of the current objectives and recent developments in the industry.

From left to right:
Greg Hay, Éric Ashby
and André Tremblay
  Éric Ashby, Mill Manager, André Tremblay, CIFQ's President & CEO and Greg Hay, PAPTAC Director also met to discuss potential areas where both organizations could work together and develop a collaboration for the benefit of the industry and the renewal of its workforce.
More developments to follow.
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