April 19, 2013




J-FOR Vol 2 No 5 now available on-line

Dear PAPTAC members,

We are pleased to be sending you the fifth issue of J-FOR's volume 2.

We hope you will enjoy this new issue of J-FOR with a special focus on pulping and recovery, as well as an editorial by Dr. Honghi Tran on challenges and opportunities in black liquor recovery. The Journal of Science & Technology for Forest Products and Processes is PAPTAC's new flagship publication, incorporating high-quality peer-reviewed papers dealing with the technology and science of traditional and emerging areas that are pertinent to the forest industry.

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Upcoming Paperboard Packaging Webinar
Featured PAPTAC Mill champion

Dr. Tetsu Uesaka
Mid Sweden University

The PAPTAC Paperboard Packaging Community will hold a webinar on May 7, 2013 / 13:00 – 14:00 ET
This webinar entitled ''Performance-based Design of Corrugated Box and Board'', will focus on fundamental rethinking of the “strength-based” design criteria for corrugated boxes and boards.

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Holton Quinn
Process Control Engineer
Alberta Newsprint Company

PAPTAC is pleased to announce Holton Quinn as the new featured Mill Champion.

Holt Quinn is a graduate from the University of Idaho, earning a B.S. degree in 1981 and an M.S. degree in 2006, both in Chemical Engineering.

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