October 9, 2013


Environment Community Webinar

The PAPTAC Environment Community organizes a webinar entitled ''Diagnosing the Causes of Acute Toxicity of Effluents to Trout and Daphnia'' on October 16, 2013. This webinar will be presented by Valerie Naish, Principal Technical Specialist - Environment and Sustainability at FPInnovations.

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Paperboard Packaging Meeting Recap   J-FOR Vol 3 No 1 now available on-line

A one and one half day meeting was held by the Paperboard Packaging Community. There was good attendance at the meeting with over half of the attendees from paperboard mills. The community plans to have a business meeting during PAPTAC PaperWeek 2014, in conjunction with the conference's 1 1/2 day Packaging Track and a fall 2014 meeting that will include a mill tour.

Click here for full recap and photos of the meeting

We are pleased to be sending you the first issue of J-FOR's volume 3. We hope you will enjoy this new issue of J-FOR including a mix of traditional and emerging area articles, as well as a full recap of the FIBRE Network Conference that was held last May, 2013.

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