The organization was founded in 1915 and now...

The Association counts close to 3000 men and women as its members. Most are employed in paper mills, in private or publicly supported research organizations, in universities, government departments, consulting firms, and in companies which supply the industry. Membership is also open to students and librarians, and persons who have retired from careers in the industry. Approximately 80% of these members are located in Canada; the remainder is found in many other pulp and paper producing countries. 

The organization was founded in 1915 as the Technical Section of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. On September 30, 1998 it was incorporated under the name of Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC) as an independent not-for-profit association.

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PAPTAC is a Canadian-based non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the technical and professional capabilities of its members, and to the advancement of the pulp and paper industry. 

PAPTAC carries out its mission by providing forums in which members may identify technical and operational issues of importance to the industry. These matters are dealt with by the Association’s technical committees, Executive council and staff, through conferences, courses, webinars, and technical publications.


  • To provide means for the interchange of knowledge and expertise among its members;
  • To improve the skill levels and effectiveness of present and future employees through training and education;
  • To provide technical and practical information on pulp and paper manufacture and use;
  • To further the application of the sciences in the pulp and paper industry;
  • To assist in the solution of problems confronting the industry;
  • To encourage and assist innovation;
  • To promote the efficient stewardship of natural resources.