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Best practices for
papermaking starches

Organized by the PAPTAC Papermaking Technology Commitee
Organisé par le Comité PAPTAC de la technologie de la fabrication du papier

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  When / quand: Nov. 25, 2019
12:00 – 13:00 ET

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  Speakers / Conférenciers:
Eric Khater, Nicolas-N Leroy and
Nicolas Lesueur, Roquette

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Are you using your wet end and surface starch properly and most efficiently?
Refresh your knowledge of best practices of cooking and applying starch to your paper making process.
Find out what new technology there is in 100 % latex replacement and biopolymers for Tissue and sizing.


Eric Khater, Global Market Manager, joined Roquette in 2016 as Global Market Manager for Paper & Board Industry. He is a Chemical Engineer from the ECPM in Strasbourg, France. In the last 20 years, he has gained experience in paper chemicals at technical and business positions in specialty chemicals companies.

After studying paper chemistry in Grenoble, France (EFPG/CTP), Dr. Nicolas-N Leroy, Application Team Leader & Scientist, worked in R&D, on the pulp preparation and the pulp bleaching (PhD). He joined Roquette in 2007 and manages the Paper Application Laboratory. He works as a scientist on wet end starches and biopolymers for paper machines.


Nicolas Lesueur, Application Scientist, is achemical Engineer from ENSCL in Lille, France, with a specialization in formulation chemistry, Nicolas Lesueur joined Roquette in 2011 as a Business Developer for paper market in France, Benelux and Switzerland. In 2017, he specialized as a Coating Scientist, bringing its expertise in surface-sizing and coating color developments.

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