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Building for the New Pulp and Paper Community


Following a very successful inaugural edition, BIOFOR Int’l returns with an even stronger presence!

Held in conjunction with PaperWeek, the most important conference dedicated to the forest products sector in Canada, the BIOFOR conference is dedicated to the advancements of the forest bioeconomy.

BIOFOR will revolve around 3 main specific segments: MARKET development / PROCESS advancements / and TECHNOLOGY breakthroughs.

In order to help maximize synergy between the forest and bioceconomy sectors and promote dialogue, the two events will take place under the same roof: Feb. 13-17 2017 at the Centre Sheraton Hotel in Montreal.

One single entry to go from one to the other conference will certainly incite people to network and make valuable connections!

Within the MARKET segment, targeted presentations and panels will set the table for a comprehensive overview of the current market potential and deployment of the forest bioeconomy. Notorious private and public companies will provide pertinent examples to show the current projects and initiatives underway. While Government representatives and policy organizations will describe the funding accessible to support innovation networks and clusters and depict tangible impacts on the industry and its players.

The PROCESS advancements segment will focus on the new developments of processes and programs and actual discoveries. Renowned mills will describe the possibilities of biorefinery start-ups in the context of creating economic growth in Canada’s forest communities. A Biomaterials session will be part of this segment and will cover steps to use existing pulp mills as a basis for bioeconomy development from the forest sector. Successful stories will demonstrate paths from the traditional process to a new vibrant future full of possibilities.

Under the TECHNOLOGY segment, participants will have the chance to hear technical presentations from Universities, Engineering, organizations and Mills. Pilot projects and applications stories will attest of the new developments achieved up to now. The audience will have the opportunity to learn from these experiences and exchange with speakers and peers.

Come to BIOFOR and expect to meet, all under the same roof, key players from academia, the financial sector, research institutes, chemical sectors, forest products manufacturers, governments’ entities and much more!

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the detailed preliminary program

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