May 23, 2013




Chairman, 17th ISWFPC, Université Québec Trois-Rivières

Over 200 expert presentations on wood chemistry featured at ISWFPC 2013 June 12-14 in Vancouver, BC

PAPTAC will be hosting the 17th International Symposium on Wood, Fibre and Pulping Chemistry. ISWFPC is a world-renowned symposium on the utilization of forest resources and gathers leaders from academia and industry to discuss the properties & processes, development and innovation of wood, fibres and other lignocellulosic materials.
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World renowned experts at the ISWFPC Pre-Symposium on CelluloseNanocrystals, Victoria BC, June 9-10
Furthermore, the "City of Gardens" will play host to ISWFPC's Pre-Symposium with presentations from world-renowned experts in CelluloseNanocrystals, and featuring keynote presenter Arthur Carty, Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology.
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New leadership and meeting of the Mechanical Pulping Community
Spring 2013
Bleaching Community Meeting


Zhirun Yuan,
Ph.D. Research Leader and Principal Scientist FPInnovations


Zhirun Yuan, incoming chair of the MPC has more than 27 years of professional experience in pulp and paper industry and is skilled at research, development and technology transfer. He has been working in a number of areas including application and process of mechanical pulps, fiber characterization and modification, bleaching, papermaking, coating, yellowing inhibition, and more recently biorefinery of lignocellusic materials.
The PAPTAC Mechanical Pulping Community will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, June 12 2013 in conjunction with the PACWEST Conference.
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Paul Earl, Bleaching Community Chairman

Weyerhaeuser in New Bern, North Carolina, is pleased to be hosting the Spring 2013 Meeting of the PAPTAC Bleaching Community, June 3-5, 2013.
With less than two weeks away from the Spring 2013 Bleaching Community meeting in New Bern, North Carolina, hosted by Weyerhaeuser, it's looking to be another great session in perspective with 44 people pre-registered for the meeting to date.
The technical session theme for this meeting will be " Bottlenecks, Downtime, and Bleach Plant Performance" .

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