December 20, 2012


New at PaperWeek: Paper Machine Clothing Seminar

d Dr. Ivan Pikulik,
papermaking expert

New at PaperWeek Canada, a Paper Machine Clothing Seminar will be held on Tuesday February 5, 13:30 - 17:00, led by Ivan Pikulik, Papermaking Expert and Consultant.

Felts and fabrics represent the production cost of about $5/tonne, but this is just the cost of material. Less visible are additional costs is associated with the time lost due to unscheduled changes, breaks caused by fabric problems and less then optional operation. The time when mills had felt crews, responsible for installation, maintenance, and change of felts and fabrics are long gone. The responsibility for machine fabrics is often outsourced to clothing supplier. Yet good information about machine clothing is essential for efficient and cost effective machine operation.

This half-day seminar is aimed at management and operating staff involved with the operation of pulp, paper and board machines.

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Paperweek Business Session:
Industry Demographics Challenges

Season's Greetings to all our Members!

Jim Farrell,
Forest Sector Consultant

Thursday, February 7 - 10:30 -12:00
Session Leader: Jim Farrell

Following the National Job Fair organized in conjunction with PaperWeek and featuring an impressive panel of experts, this session will focus on the timely topic of demographics and provide the audience with options and opportunities for the renewal of the industry's workforce.

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