May 15, 2013




Over 400 on site at FIBRE Conference

400 delegates are attending the first-ever collaborative FIBRE conference of Canada's eight forest sector research networks. The conference highlights university-led forest product and process innovations, university-industry collaborations and student training. The conference will also feature 175 scientific technical posters and an entrepreneurial workshop for students. The conference is being held at the NAV Centre in Cornwall, Ontario from May 13-16, 2013.

Watch complete web coverage of the event, brought to you by PAPTAC in collaboration with Paper Advance and Le Maître papetier, with session reviews, highlights and video interviews:

The Marcus Wallenburg Prize comes to Canada
New leadership and meeting of the Mechanical Pulping Community

Derek Gray
McGill University

Dr. Derek Gray of McGill University and long-time PAPTAC member has received the 2013 Marcus Wallenberg Prize (MWP), one of the most prestigious awards in the field of forest products research, for his pioneering study of cellulose nanocrystals (CNC). The initial announcement was made at the FIBRE Metwork Conference.
Dr. Gray will travel to Stockholm in September to officially receive the prize from H.R. Carl XVI Gustaf the King of Sweden.
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Zhirun Yuan, Ph.D. Research Leader and Principal Scientist FPInnovations

Zhirun Yuan, incoming chair of the MPC has more than 27 years of professional experience in pulp and paper industry and is skilled at research, development and technology transfer. He has been working in a number of areas including application and process of mechanical pulps, fiber characterization and modification, bleaching, papermaking, coating, yellowing inhibition, and more recently biorefinery of lignocellusic materials.
The PAPTAC Mechanical Pulping Community will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, June 12 2013 in conjunction with the PACWEST Conference.
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