August 9, 2012


PAPTAC Launches Business Awards to
Recognize Leadership Excellence


In its objective to underline excellence for the pulp and paper industry, PAPTAC is proud to be launching three Business Awards in addition to its renowned technical and life achievement awards.
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Mill Manager of the Year Award
Safety Leadership Award
Environmental Strategy of the Year Award

Past conference preprints & proceedings
Free for members

In its on-going efforts to provide useful resources and tools to its members, PAPTAC is pleased to announce its initiative to make available past conference preprints & proceedings free of charge to its members.

A huge inventory of technical papers are now available to members in a variety of fields, providing a wealth of knowledge and information that they can easily go to and take advantage of.

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Energy Conservation Opportunity Contest

The awards are presented on an annual basis to the individuals working in Canadian pulp, paper and board mills who submit the best examples of energy conservation opportunities or successful projects, justified by whatever means, e.g. production, quality, environment, etc., as long as there are significant impacts on energy reduction.
The competition takes place under the auspices of the PAPTAC Energy Community.For all details,
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