February 18, 2015

Over 1000 gather at PaperWeek 2015

Over 1000 took part in 101th edition of PaperWeek Canada, marking PAPTAC's 100th anniversary, continuing to make the event one of the best industry events in the world. With one of the best programs put together in recent years, the conference portion of the event was the best attended in the past decade. Furthermore, the PaperWeek tradeshow was sold out for a 2nd year in a row with close to 50 exhibitors present to showcase their services and technology. The official review of the PaperWeek Canada 2015 will be released shortly.

Complete coverage of the event is available at : www.paperweekcanada.ca

Look out for the Complete Review
of PaperWeek 2015
  Nomination of Robert Dufresne as
PAPTAC Chairman for 2015

With one of the most successful editions of the event in the past decade, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Official Review and Coverage of PaperWeek Canada 2015, including exclusive interviews with participating CEOs and industry leaders, session reviews, editorials, market insight, innovative breakthroughs and all the highlights of the 100th anniversary of PAPTAC. Stay tuned !

We are pleased to announce the nomination of Robert Dufresne, Vice President, Pulp and Paper Operations at Resolute Forest Products, as PAPTAC Chairman for 2015. Robert has been a member of the PAPTAC Executive Council since 2011 and has been involved in a number of PAPTAC activities for several years. He has been a PAPTAC member since 1993.
PAPTAC's Executive Council

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