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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    Mechanical Pulping

     Change in Leadership


    PAPTAC is pleased to announce George Court, Senior Operations Specialist – TMP at Irving Paper, and Yu Sun, Operation Specialist at Catalyst Paper as new co-chairs on PAPTACs Mechanical Pulping Committee.

    They are committed to strengthening the Mechanical Pulping community by setting up a number of objectives:

    1. To encourage broad participation and membership in the MPC,
    2. To provide 2 webinars per year to help ensure our members have the latest information on key subject areas,
    3. To hold a Technical Session and Experts Panel at Paperweek in Montreal, and
    4. To hold a Mechanical Pulping Annual General Meeting during Paperweek in Montreal.

    For more information regarding PAPTAC's technical communities or to join as a member of a community (PAPTAC membership required), please contact PAPTAC





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