The Alkaline Pulping Committee is comprised of people from production and technical departments in pulp and paper mills. Membership is augmented with a sprinkling of individuals who represent research and development as well as suppliers to our industry. Our key focus is to help our members assist their respective operations and ultimately satisfy customers' needs.

We do this through open discussion, based on real life practice, on:

  • Raw material and (novel) equipment use
  • Optimizing employee performance
  • Environmental diligence
  • Quality assurance

Mike Thorne
Digester Brownstock Superintendent
Irving Pulp
Leader, PAPTAC Alkaline Pulping Committee


Alkaline Pulping has always been an active and important committee within PAPTAC. Several individuals involved in kraft mills around the country look to it as an effective and valuable forum to network with their peers in the industry and discuss operations optimization, industry challenges and product quality as well as to share ideas on issues related to workforce, training and management in the sector.

Greg M. Hay
Executive Director


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This space is reserved for active members of the Alkaline Pulping Community and is intended as a working area for ongoing sub-committee projects and to post member-only relevant information.


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