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    PAPTAC Supports FPAC's Vision 2020

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    PAPTAC Supports FPAC's Vision 2020 - Canada's Natural Advantage

    FPAC (the Forest Production Association of Canada) recently released its industry-led Vision 2020 under the brand of "Canada's Natural Advantage", charting a bold and innovative future for Canada's Forest Products Industry and outlining where it sees itself by the year 2020.
    PAPTAC supports this vision that focuses on the Canadian forest products industry to power Canada’s new economy by being green, innovative and open to the world, through three major components and objectives: People - by renewing the workforce with at least 60,000 new recruits; Environment - by delivering a further 35% improvement in the sector's environmental footprint; and Products - by generating an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new innovations and growing markets. 
    We are very pleased to see several key players of the industry supporting this vision which targets essential elements that will allow the industry to grow and prosper. As such, PAPTAC is committed to helping carry out this vision through our programs and activities and to collaborate with FPAC to serve our members and the industry in the path of Vision 2020.
    As the technical and business association serving the industry, PAPTAC is putting in place new programs and resources addressing the need to assist and renew the industry's future workforce. Such programs respond to the essential need for an effective transfer of acquired knowledge and know-how to the future generations of workers. The National Job fair being organized as part of PaperWeek Canada 2013, will be a great opportunity to bring together students, young workers and HR Managers on a National platform and dynamic environment.
    As a leader in the dissemination of information on industry research and the improvement of operations, forest advancement is also at the forefront of our objectives. With vehicles such as J-FOR, our industry conferences as well as our Technical and Business Communities, PAPTAC provides tools to support the transformation and innovation of Canada's pulp/paper and forest products industry as it diversifies and tackles new markets.

    We look forward to collaborating with FPAC and the industry to achieve these objectives and continue to build on the significant progress that has been made.

    Greg Hay,
    PAPTAC Executive Director
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