. On-line Papermaking Encyclopedia

This on-line interactive tool is intended for papermakers worldwide as source of information and knowledge contribution to describe and document the operations involved in converting fibers and other materials into a sheet of paper or paperboard - collectively known as Papermaking.

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. Drying Booklet

The booklet on Understanding and Troubleshooting the Paper Machine Dryer Section is edited and written by PAPTAC's Paper Machine Technology Community. The published version is the second edition which is currently being revised by the Community for the future publication of a third edition.

. Engineering Data Sheets

The Engineering Data Sheets are kept up to date by PAPTAC’s technical communities and bring together many types of design and process information from a variety of fields for use in the industry. The following data sheets that are maintained and kept up to date by PAPTAC's Paper Machine Technology Community:

  • G17 Sheet break detector system for installation on a paper machine 
  • G18 Weaves of papermaking wires and forming fabrics 
  • G19 Newsprint paper machine energy balance
  • G20 Paper machine roll grinding tolerances
  • G21 Chemical of various elastomers used in the P&P Industry 
  • G22 Steam heat requirements for paper drying
  • H2 Basis weight conversion factors

See PAPTAC's Engineering Data Sheets for details


. PM Operating Difficulties Booklet

This booklet consists of three main sections, that is Wet end, Pressing & Drying and Dry End in a pocket-sized format, and is written by PAPTAC's Paper Machine Technology Community in order to assist operations personnel on newsprint machines to locate and correct operating difficulties.

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