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Recap of the PAPTAC PMTC Technical Day



To stay competitive in the current economic context with changing market demand and new grade development, the papermaking expertise is vital for achieving high quality products while maintaining a good production efficiency. The retirement of many papermaking professionals, as well as hiring young professionals, are the challenges that most Canadian mills are dealing with.

To pursue PAPTAC’s mandate to help industry professionals with developing further expertise, on 11 May 2017, the PAPTAC Paper Machine Technology Community (PMTC) organized a technical day (exclusively in French) at the Rolland Mill located in St-Jérôme (QC) . This day was dedicated to those who work specifically with paper machines and gave participants the chance to get troubleshooting solutions, as well as easy-to-use tips and advice for machines.

The meeting was Chaired by Javad Saberian (FPInnovations), who replaced Mrs. Joanne Hubert (former Community Chair and Session Leader). After a brief introduction of PAPTAC and its membership benefits, the meeting moved smoothly through the proposed agenda of the day. Mr. Jean Houde, Rolland’s Vice-President, took the floor, welcomed participants, and gave a brief overview of the Mill, both in terms of production and personnel.

Participants listened to 5 presentations throughout the 9:30-15:30 schedule.

Michel Ruel (BBA) talked on “How to Optimize Your Controls - Tips and Tricks”. He introduced basics of control, control loops and strategies, and he gave examples of optimization and troubleshooting.

In his presentation entitled “Instrumentation of Online Measurement for Stock Preparation and Machine Wet-End”, Martin Hamel (Namyatech / BTG) described principles of online measurement and control of consistency, freeness and ash, as well as cationic demand.

Bassam Dib (SPN) gave an interesting presentation on basics of winding. He discussed the winding parameters, the mechanics of winding, and the related KPI’s. Bassam’s presentation was followed by many questions and much discussion from the audience.

The visit of the Rolland facilities followed these first 3 presentations and captured the participants’ attention. Rolland is the leading producer of specialty uncoated fine papers, with an undisputed reputation for environmental stewardship. It is the only existing North American fine paper manufacturer using biogas energy and up to 100% recycled content to serve businesses, governments, and distributors.

At the end of the mill tour, participants enjoyed a super lunch sponsored by Rolland itself, a welcome social pause before going through the last 2 scheduled presentations of the day.

Jacques Perrault (Cascades), presented “Causes and Solutions of Paper Broke”. The presentation provided a comprehensive list of potential causes and a checklist of items that could contribute to different web break issues.

Javad Saberian (FPInnovations) brought the day to a close with the last presentation on “Improving the Paper Machine Efficiency by Optimizing Wet-end Profiles”. Through presenting many case studies, Javad discussed how advanced diagnostic tools can be used for addressing runnability issues at the machine wet-end.

All presentations generated several open discussions and questions from participants, who had the occasion to share their concerns, strengthen their network, and learn from the different experiences and experts. Participants showed particular interest in future such events that provide them the opportunity to mills visits, socializing and networking with peers.

Attendees were mill personnel representing Kruger, Resolute Forest Products, Technocell, and Cascades , as well as several employees from the Rolland Mill itself who also dropped in to participate and listen to the scheduled presentations.

PAPTAC is very pleased with the success of this meeting and encourages participation at future Community activities, which will be announced soon.          

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