Today’s economic climate has presented the papermaker with endless challenges of high operating costs, narrow margins, competition for production resources, national economic effects and obstacles from strict government regulations.

The goal of the PMTC is to help face these obstacles by making available the latest and best technologies, by providing training in the form of webinars and by connecting papermakers to share “problems and solutions” via clinics and forums. The PMTC is also mandated to service the paper industry in ways which are practical, feasible and conducive to improved efficiency with immediate benefits in productivity and or product quality.

Louis Morimanno
Market Development Manager
Omya North America
Community Leader, PMTC


The PMTC is a vibrant community of PAPTAC and counts on the support and involvement of a core group of individuals who steer the community and consistently look at how to develop tools that will benefit this segment of our industry. The four editions of their Seminar on Improving Paper Machine Efficiency and Productivity, their upcoming project to develop an open source papermaking web encyclopedia, their webinars and their great contribution to the sessions of PaperWeek Canada are some of the many activities that exemplify their important role in the Association.

Greg M. Hay
Executive Director


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