. Engineering Data Sheets

The Engineering Data Sheets are kept up to date by PAPTAC’s technical communities and bring together many types of design and process information from a variety of fields for use in the industry. The following data sheets that are maintained and kept up to date by PAPTAC's Maintenance Community.

See PAPTAC's Engineering Data Sheets for details:

  • A2 Cable conveyor performance
  • D1 Digester capacities
  • F3 Wire screening
  • F6 Stock agitation
  • G03 Critical speed of rolls
  • G04 Fan pump calculation
  • G05 Weights of chilled cast iron rolls
  • G09 Rubber hardness conversion
  • G10 Volume of air at vacuum
  • N1 Maximum working load for slings
  • N2 Caracteristics of bulk material
  • N6 Ropes
  • O03 Centrifugal pump laws
  • O04 Properties of lead
  • O05 Flow determination by chemical method
  • O06 Friction losses for stock in pipe
  • O07 Friction losses for water in pipe
  • O08 Centrifugal stock pumps - correction for consistency
  • O09 Capacity of tanks
  • O11 Discharge of nozzles
  • O12 Weirs
  • O13 Capacity of spray nozzles
  • O15 Measuring flows by the orifice method
  • Q1 Calorific value of fuel oils
  • T01 Hardness conversion tables for steels
  • T02 Temperature conversions
  • T03 Identification of metals and alloys - disctinguishing between wrought ron and steel
  • T06 Applications of rolled and forged steels. General recc for rolled and forged steels in P&P industry
  • T11 Chord lengths for spacing off a circle
  • T12 Lubricating oils
  • T17 Standard for custom fabricated reinforced polyester corrosion resistant process equipment
  • T18 Stainless steel piping - recommended colour code U1 Concrete
  • U3 Design of concrete forms U6 Strength and properties of Canadian woods
  • U7 Engineering design in timber
  • Z11 Temperature conversion
  • Z13 Purpose of engineering data sheets
  • Z13A Preparation of a data sheet
  • Z19 Depreciation of mill equipment and structures
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