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New Leadership for the Maintenance Community

Manager, Maintenance & Engineering
Tolko Industries, Kraft Papers Division

With more than 25 years of experience in the kraft paper industry, Andre Murphy remains focused on driving achievement and success in maintenance reliability and increased paper production for improved performance and operational efficiency.

Andre brings insight, knowledge and leadership in managing the challenges faced within maintenance of the pulp and paper industry today.  “We are pleased that Andre has stepped forward to take on leadership role in the  APTAC Maintenance Community. Andre brings a solid base of knowledge and experience to this community and an exciting vision for its future development” – Greg Hay, Director, PAPTAC

Beginning his career in the kraft paper and pulp industry in 1983, Andre sought to gain knowledge and advance his skills in the electrical and instrumentation field.  Quickly understanding the opportunity for change and advancement in management and leadership, Andre became the manager of maintenance and engineering for the Manitoba Kraft Papers operations in 2001.

With the development of the asset management program, Andre’s leadership in the role of project manager soon became a key focus for improved reliability, reducing maintenance costs and unplanned emergency work to help  ncrease production by the reduction of downtime. Providing coaching and ongoing commitment and dedication to the success of the program, Andre recognizes that staff now share the same operating and maintenance philosophies to achieve the operational objectives, including team building and leadership.

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