Objective of the Community

This community uses conference calls, web-based and face-to-face meetings in order to discuss common issues regarding maintenance operations and invite speakers and experts to present related material.

Some of the key issues that the group focuses on are:

  • Safety
  • ROI
  • How to save time
  • Common new technology that’s available
  • What are other countries doing?
  • Reliability (predictive/preventive maintenance) Energy Efficiency Sharing of resource sites Strategies to deal with loss of expertise

Andre D. Murphy
Manager, Maintenance & Engineering
Tolko Industries, Kraft Papers Division


Maintenance is a common and crucial part of all operations and mill managers and supervisors have clearly indicated a need for a Technical Community to be addressing current issues with regards to safety, time, ROI, reliability and other key challenges and opportunities that mills are facing in today's market. The PAPTAC Maintenance Community has been put together to provide a forum for discussion on these challenges and to do so in a format applies today's reality. As such, most of the activities organized by this community will web-based, providing each member, wherever they are located, to participate and benefit from this valuable network.

Greg M. Hay
Executive Director


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This space is reserved for active members of the Maintenance Community and is intented as working area for ongoing sub-committe projects and to post member-only relevant information.


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