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    One of PAPTAC's key objectives is to play an active role in the development of the industry's future workforce. This section will feature programs, resources and information providing employers with tools to facilitate the essential need for an effective transfer of acquired knowledge and know-how to the future generations of workers.

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    Tackling the Workforce Renewal Challenge Head-On



    Workforce renewal is definitely a global concern. In Canada, as in most industrialized countries, the workforce is aging, and quickly. Young workers are becoming a rare species. According to Statistics Canada, ten years from now, there may not be enough young people entering the workforce to replace those retiring.
    PAPTAC, as the Canadian technical association serving the pulp and paper sector and representing the industry’s workers, is very aware of this situation and the decline of the current labour force.
    As a result PAPTAC is organizing and participating in events at which students and researchers are given an opportunity to show, via presentations, posters and other activities, how they are preparing themselves to enter the job market and supplement the current workforce.
    The FIBRE Conference held in Vancouver last May was, among other things, an occasion to discuss the changing of the workforce in the private and public sectors, and specifically in the pulp and paper industry. A student workshop entitled “Where are the jobs and how do I get one?” gave students and post docs a chance to debate the question by talking to industry leaders, developing key networking relationships, and improving their presentation skills. In particular, some perspectives were offered by Cascades, Noram Engineering and UBC.
    The PacWest conference held in Jasper at the end of May was another great platform to talk about the future of “human capital.” Students in pulp and paper and engineering programs presented their technical/research papers to delegates at a dedicated student session and actively took part in the conference program.
    A total of six research students from UBC presented their technical papers and practical projects focusing on the conference theme of “Improving Mill Results.”
    Within PaperWeek Canada, a new component called Career Fair was organized to help create and strengthen ties between industry and student members, the educational community and the workplace. This is a unique environment to gather employers and future talent under the same roof.
    In addition, in order to respond to the growing need for the renewal of the industry’s workforce, PAPTAC set up a national student community to promote networking and help develop students’ future careers. You can follow the PAPTAC Student Community on Facebook.
    PAPTAC is increasingly involved in the workforce renewal challenge, and will assist future workers and employers during the transition by providing career programs and organizing training initiatives.

    Cristina Murciano

    Development Lead


    Call for Students Posters 2015

          In February 2015, the Student Community will be in charge of organizing the annual PaperWeek Canada-Student Poster Session in Montreal.

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    PAPTAC Student Community Launches Facebook Page

     careerfair2014       In order to facilitate interactions among Canadian students and abroad, PAPTAC is pleased to announce its Students Community now has a page on Facebook. This platform makes a perfect match with the new generation of workers to help promotion and networking. We invite all to ''like'' the page and be part of the group.

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    Poster Session, 2014: Canvasses of tomorrow

     careerfair2014       The intellectual dynamics were seen among the young graduate students at the PAPTAC Conference where they gathered their innovative thoughts during the Poster Session on the 100th Anniversary of PaperWeek in February, 2014, in Montreal.

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     careerfair2014       In order to respond to the growing need for the renewal of the industry's workforce, PAPTAC took the decision to grant a free membership to students across Canada and internationally since January 2013.

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    PaperWeek Canada 2014 Career Fair

     careerfair2014       Workforce renewal is a growing need and key priority in the forest products industry. A labour market report by the Forest Products Sector Council, indicates that the industry will have to fill as many as 130 000 positions by 2020. Whether it is for mechanics, engineers, researchers, electricians or equipment operators, opportunities are numerous for anyone willing to work in this well-established and evolving sector.

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