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    Roundtable - Superintendents finishing/shipping/warehousing
    Friday, 20 September 2013


    To all finishing / shipping superintendents and mill managers:

    It is our pleasure to invite you to take part in a roundtable day for finishing / shipping / warehousing superintendents to be held at the Hôtel Classique in Quebec City on Friday, September 20. There will be a group dinner organized to welcome participants on Thursday the 19th. This roundtable aims to bring together superintendents in a networking environment with a productive agenda addressing a list of key topics to discuss around improvement, health / safety and workforce (see below ).   

    Please take note of the agenda below and respond as soon as possible to confirm if you (and / or your Superintendent) plan to attend, by confirming to PAPTAC (Carmie Lato : 514-392-6969 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) . There will be no registration fees for this activity.

    Please click here for the meeting agenda

    The topics on the agenda will include:
    Health & Safety:
    • Wear of MSE (the mandatory safety equipment)
    • The health policy & safety, health & safety regulations and their application
    • Management of Health & Safety
    • Safe driving forklift, speed + handling
    • Type of schedule and work schedule + shift
    • health & safety Varia.
    • Type used packaging, domestic and export
    • Description-line packaging and workstation
    • Quality criteria
    • Improvement and cost reduction opportunityForklift:
    • type of forklift used
    • Maintenance
    • Improvement and cost reduction opportunity
    • storage Description
    • storage criteria, storage duration, storage specification (folded height, tonnage, etc.)
    • Improvement and cost reduction opportunityLogistics / Transport / Loading:
    • Type of transport
    • Standard carrier by type of freight
    • Plan load carrier type
    • Protection installed by type of freight and transportation
    • Improvement and cost reduction opportunity
    Labor + training:
    • Number of time and training time allotted per workstation
    • Managing the workforce
    • Managing generational conflicts
    • Productivity of labor
     Looking forward to seeing you all!

    Richard Gravel

    Richard Gravel
    Surintendant finition et expédition
    Kruger Inc.
    Chairman of the finishing/shipping/warehousing Community



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