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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    Liste des méhtodes utiles


    A. MEASURING AND SAMPLING Disponible en français
    Correction of Weighing Can Tare Weights in Pulp and Paper Testing - Withdrawn A.1U
    Measurement of Paper-Machine Wires - Withdrawn A.2U
    Grit in Suction Boxes - Withdrawn A.3U
    Measurement of Fourdrinier Wire Wear - Withdrawn A.4U
    B. IDENTIFICATION Disponible en français
    Identification of Spots and Specks in Paper - Withdrawn B.1U
    C. FIBER TREATMENT Disponible en français
    Shive Content of Mechanical Pulp - Withdrawn C.1U
    Preparation of Mechanical Pulp Samples for Physical Evaluation - Withdrawn C.2U
    Fibre Classification – Clark Method - Withdrawn


    Forming Pads for Reflectance Tests of Pulp (Buchner Funnel Method) C.4U "oui"
    Fibre Classification – Bauer-McNett Method C.5U "oui"
    Procedure for Evaluating the Repulpability of Adhesives and Splicing Tapes C.6U "oui"
    D. PHYSICAL TESTING Disponible en français
    Drainage Test for Paper Machine Headbox Stock - Withdrawn D.1U
    Quick Method for Bursting Strength - Withdrawn D.2U
    Dirt in Chips - Withdrawn D.3U
    Coarse Screen Rejects from Sulphite Knotter Screens - Withdrawn D.4U
    Determination of Bursting Strength of Paper Using Thibeault Instrument - Withdrawn D.5U
    Rapid Consistency Determinations - Withdrawn D.6U
    Fibre Size Classification of Pulp - Withdrawn D.7U
    Plybond Strength of Paperboard (Using Jumbo Mullen Tester) D.8U
    Use of the Vanceometer - Withdrawn D.9U
    Ply Separation of Combined Containerboard. D.10U
    Determination of Fibre Length Index (de Montigny Grid) - Withdrawn D.11U
    Rapid Sieve Analysis of Pulpwood Chips - Withdrawn D.12U

    Roughness of Paper and Paperboard (Bendtsen)

    D.15U "oui"
    Stiffness of Paper and Paperboard (Gurley Method). D.16U
    Edge Tear Test for Corrugated Board D.17U
    Curl of Paper at Various Relative Humidities - Withdrawn D.18U
    Winding Tightness D.19U
    Paper Roll Hardness D.20U "oui"
    Surface Tension Sizing Test - Withdrawn D.21U "oui"
    Dirt in Pulp – Dry Method - Withdrawn D.22U
    Fractionation of Pulpwood Chips for the Kraft Process D.25U
    Classification of Pulpwood Chips (The Domtar Chip Classifier Method) D.26U
    Zero-Span Breaking Length of Pulp (Pulmac Zero-Span Method). D.27U
    Coefficient of Static Friction of Packaging Board – Inclined Plane Method D.28U "oui"
    The Burnout Test for Coated and Filled Paper and Paperboard D.29U
    Basic Guidelines for Image Analysis Measurements D.30U
    E. OPTICAL PROPERTIES Disponible en français
    Brightness Reversion of Bleached Kraft Pulp. E.1U
    Opacity of Paper – Contrast Ratio - Withdrawn E.2U
    F. ABSORPTIVE PROPERTIES Disponible en français
    Surface Wettability of Paperboard - Withdrawn F.1U
    Paraffining Ability of Paperboard - Withdrawn F.2U
    Water Absorbency of Paperboard (Immersion Method) - Withdrawn F.3U
    Ink Flotation Sizing Test - Withdrawn F.4U
    Sizing Test – Potassium Permanganate - Withdrawn F.5U
    Oil Absorbency (Rate and Capacity) of Creped Waddings - Withdrawn F.6U
    G. CHEMICAL TESTING Disponible en français
    Modified Test of Roe Chlorine Number - Withdrawn G.1U
    Permanganate Number of Pulp (Bleachability) - Withdrawn G.2U
    Presence of Wet-Strength Resins in Paper and Paperboard - Withdrawn G.3U
    Rapid Cupriethylenediamine Viscosity of Pulp - Withdrawn G.4U
    Ashing by Oxygen Flask Combustion - Withdrawn G.6U
    Determination of Total Sulphur - Withdrawn G.7U
    Rapid Determination of Kappa Number - Withdrawn G.8U
    Determination of Holocellulose G.9U
    Chlorite Delignification of Cellulosic Materials G.10U
    Alkalinity of Sulphate Green and White Liquor - Withdrawn G.11U
    Determination of Dispersed Pitch G.12U
    J. NON-FIBROUS MATERIAL TESTING Disponible en français
    Limestone Analysis - Withdrawn J.1U
    Physical and Chemical Properties of Mineral Fillers and Pigments. - Withdrawn J.2U
    Colour of Mineral Fillers and Pigments - Withdrawn J.3U
    Opacifying Power at Mineral Fillers and Pigments - Withdrawn J.4U
    L. GRAPHIC ARTS Disponible en français
    Wedge Print Evaluation on a Proof Press - Withdrawn L.1U
    Lint and Dust Test for Newsprint - Withdrawn L.2U
    Indopol Lint Test - Withdrawn L.3U
    Wet Pick and Water Interference in Coated Paper and Board L.4U "oui"
    The Paprican Lint Test using the IGT Printability Tester L.5U "oui"
    Test Printing of Paper using a Laboratory Printability Tester L.6U "oui"
    Guidelines for Laboratory Gravure Print Testing L.7U "oui"
    Analysis of Press Blanket Contamination L.8U "oui"
    Basic Guidelines for Organizing Printing Trials L.9U
    Lint Collection and Quantification (Domtar Method) L.10U
    N. PROCESS EVALUATION Disponible en français
    Determination of Grammage Variation N.1U "oui"
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