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Why join the Energy Community:

One of the major advantages of membership in PAPTAC is the opportunity to participate in Technical & Business Communities. As is often the case, those who derive the most out of their membership are those who are the most active! The outstanding value gained from involvement in the Energy Community ultimately benefits:

  • The Individual Member, whose technical competence and overall industry knowledge are increased through a forum bringing the key players to focus on major energy-related issues and advancements. Practical problem-solving and benchmarking sessions and discussions on Energy Management programs in this industry sector are integral parts of the Energy Community programs. The community operates through F2F meetings as well as easy to access Web meetings and e-mail discussion groups.
  • The Company, whose employee has an enhanced awareness of new projects, programs and technologies, and has discovered solutions to operating problems that will lead to cost savings in operations and better productivity at the mill level.
  • The Industry, whose overall technical efficiency and energy management practices are improved.

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