Energy is a key element for a mill to be cost-efficient in today's P&P market. Fluctuating fuel costs, more open energy markets, product evolution, environmental constraints: these are not only constraints, but opportunities to make energy a profit center. The Energy Community's mission is to help mills capture those opportunities in day-to-day operations as well as on a more long-term scope. How ? Through access to industry key players and to high-value information on technologies, user cases, programs and through sharing best practices & vision on energy strategy with face-to-face meeting, webinars and workshops. And last but not the least, the Community is the place to celebrate energy successes in our industry!

Eric Gingras
Natural Resources Canada
Energy Community Leader


The Energy Community of PAPTAC brings together the industry's key players involved in Energy Management. Providing an efficient forum through meetings and webinars to discuss the most current issues, government programs & incentives, and ongoing major projects and their implementation, the community also works to develop resource material for the benefit of the PAPTAC membership and the industry as a whole.

Greg M. Hay
Executive Director


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