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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    Overview of Engineering Data Sheets




    Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Cable Conveyer Performance A-2 Jan. 68


    B – MECHANICAL PULP Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Groundwood Burst – Freeness Relationship B-1 Jan. 68
    Pulpstone Markings B-3 Jan. 68
    Typical Screen Plates – Hole Diameters, Spacing and Per Cent Open Area B-4 Jan. 68


    C – CHEMICAL PULP – Cooking Liquor Preparation, Chemical Recovery, etc. Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Definition of Terms Commonly Encountered in the Sulphite Pulping Process C-00 Sept. 65
    Total Vapour Pressure at Sulphur Dioxide Solutions C-1 Jan. 68
    Vapour Pressure of Calcium Bisulphite Solutions C-2 Jan. 68
    Concentration of Sulphite Waste Liquor C-3 Jan. 68
    Viscosity of Sulphite Waste Liquor C-4 Jan. 68
    Milk-of-Lime Solutions C-7 Jan. 68
    Ammonia – Temperature – Vapour Pressure C-8 Jan. 68
    Liquids Used in Kraft Process C-9 Aug. 71
    Friction Loss of Molten Sulphur in Pipe C-10 Jan. 68
    Vapour Pressure of Ammonium Bisulphite Solutions C-11 Jan. 68
    Lime Kiln Operation C-12 Jan. 68
    Sulphur Dioxide – Anhydrous C-13 Jan. 68
    Solubility of Sulphur Dioxide in Saturated Magnesium Bisulphite Solution C-14 Jan. 68


    D – CHEMICAL PULP – Cooking, Digesting, Blowing, etc. Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Digester Capacities D-1 July 92
    Spacing of Digester Cooking Cycles D-2 Jan. 68
    Ross Diagram Sulphite Curve D-5 Jan. 68
    Lignin-Kappa Relationship for Kraft Pulps D-6 Jan. 68


    E – BLEACHING Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Chlorine E-1 Jan. 68
    Friction Loss of Liquid Chlorine in Pipe E-2 Jan. 68
    Bleach Liquors E-3 Jan. 68
    Sodium Hydroxide E-4 Jan. 68
    Chlorine Dioxide Data E-5 Jan. 68
    Sodium Chlorate Solution Data E-6 Jan. 68
    Bleaching Protocol E-7 Sept. 04


    F – PULP TREATMENT AND STOCK PREPARATION Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Screening Efficiency F-2 Nov. 70
    Wire Screening F-3 July 92
    Alum Solutions F-4 Jan. 68
    Pigment – Water Suspensions F-5 Jan. 68
    Stock Agitation F-6 July 90


    G – PULP, PAPER AND BOARD MACHINES Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Definitions of Standard Terms Used in the Board Industry G-00 Jan. 68
    Tear Factor – Basis Weight Relationship G-1 Jan. 68
    Critical Speed of Rolls G-3 Jan. 2011
    Fan Pump Calculations G-4 July 2012
    Average Weights of Chilled Cast Iron Paper Calender Rolls Including Necks G-5 July 92
    Paperboard Roll Measurement G-6 Jan. 68
    Paperboard Production G-7 Jan. 68
    Rubber Hardness Conversion G-9 July 92
    Volume of Air at Vacuum G-10 July 92
    Hardness of Rubber Covered Rolls G-11 July 92
    Sheet Break Detector System G-17 Aug. 80
    Weaves of Papermaking Wires and Forming Fabrics G-18 May 05
    Newsprint Machine Energy Balance G-19 May 84
    Paper Machine Roll Grinding Tolerances G-20 May 88
    The Chemical Resistance of Various Elastomers Used in the Paper Industry G-21 Aug. 94
    Steam Heat Requirements for Paper Drying G-22 Sept. 04


    H – FINISHING AND SHIPPING Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Basis Weight Conversion Factors H-2 June. 2010
    Broke Losses H-3 Jan. 70
    Storage of Paper Rolls H-4 Jan. 70


    I – CONVERTlNG Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Printing Process and Inks I-1 Jan. 70


    N – MATERIALS HANDLING Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Maximum Working Loads for Slings N-1 Jan. 70
    Characteristics of Bulk Materials N-2 Jan. 70
    Ropes N-6 Jan. 70
    Freight Car Dimensions and Capacities N-7 Aug. 72


    O – HYDRAULIC Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Centrifugal Pump Laws O-3 Jan. 70
    Properties of Lead O-4 July 90
    Flow Determination by Chemical Method O-5 Jan. 70
    Friction Loss of Stock in Pipe O-6 Oct. 70
    Friction Losses for Water in Pipe O-7 Jan. 70
    Centrifugal Stock Pumps O-8 Jan. 70
    Capacity of Tanks O-9 July 90
    Discharge of Nozzles O-11 July 90
    Weirs O-12 July 90
    Capacity of Spray Nozzles O-13 July 90
    Measuring Flows by the Orifice Method O-15 Jan. 70


    P – WATER Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Sewer Capacities P-1 Jan. 70
    Water Treatment Conversion Factors P-2 Jan. 70


    Q – STEAM AND COMPRESSED AIR Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Calorific Value of Fuel Oils Q-1 Jan. 70
    Mollier Diagram Q-4 Jan. 70
    Compressed Air Leakage Q-5 July 90
    General Compressed Air Engineering Data Q-6 May 73
    Heat Losses from Horizontal Bare Iron Surfaces Q-7 Jan. 70
    Heating Value of Canadian Woods Q-8 Jan. 70
    Bark Data Q-9 Jan. 70
    General Compressed Air Selection Q-17 Aug. 73


    R – ELECTRICAL Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Electrical Rooms – Minimum Recommendations R-19 Aug. 73


    S – INSTRUMENTATION Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Bibliography of Process Control S-0 Sept. 66
    Instrument identification S-1 Aug. 71
    Piping Arrangements for Acceptable Flow-Meter Accuracy S-2 Oct. 70


    T – MECHANICAL Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Hardness Conversion Tables for Steels T-1 July 92
    Temperature Conversions T-2 July 92
    Identification of Metals and Alloys T-3 Oct. 70
    Applications of Rolled and Forged Steels T-6 July 92
    Chord Lengths for Spacing Off a Circle T-11 July 90
    Lubricating Oils T-12 July 92
    Standard for Custom Fabricated Reinforced Polyester
    Corrosion Resistant Process Equipment
    T-17 May 70
    Stainless Steel Piping – Recommended Colour Code T-18 Aug. 71


    U – STRUCTURES AND BUILDINGS Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Concrete U-1 May 70
    Design of Concrete Forms U-3 July 90
    Strength and Properties of Canadian Woods U-6 Aug. 72
    Engineering Design in Timber U-7 July 90


    Z – GENERAL Data Sheet No. Last Date of Issue
    Pulp-Water Relationships Z-1 Oct. 70
    Pulp and Paper Conversion Factors Z-2 Jan. 71
    Freeness – Slowness Interconversion Z-5 Jan. 71
    Canadian Standard Freeness Z-6 Jan. 71
    Hydrometer Scales Z-7 Jan. 71
    Baumé – Specific Gravity Conversion Z-8 Jan. 71
    Temperature Conversion Z-11 Jan. 71
    Hydrogen lon Concentration and pH Z-12 Jan. 71
    Purpose of Engineering Data Sheets Z-13 July 90
    Preparation of a Data Sheet Z-13A July 90
    Sulphuric Acid Density Table Z-16 Jan. 71
    Sodium Carbonate, Concentration at 15°C Z-18 Jan. 71
    Depreciation of Mill Equipment and Structures Z-19 Sept. 70
    Solubility of Air in Water Z-21 Jan. 71
    Definition of Recycled and/or Reclaimed Fibre for Use by the Paper and Board Industry Z-26 Aug. 72
    Some Suggested Metric (SI) Units for Environmental Use Z-28 July 83
    Printing and Graphic Arts Terminology Z-29 July 96
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