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    Engineering Data Sheets

    The Engineering Data Sheets are kept up to date by PAPTAC’s technical communities and bring together many types of design and process information from a variety of fields for use in the industry.

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    A – Pulpwood
    B – Mechanical Pulp
    C – Chemical Pulp – Cooking Liquor Preparation, Chemical Recovery, etc.
    D – Chemical Pulp – Cooking, Digesting, Blowing, etc.
    E – Bleaching
    F – Pulp Treatment and Stock Preparation
    G – Pulp, Paper and Board Machines
    H – Finishing and Shipping
    I – Converting
    N – Materials Handling
    O – Hydraulic
    P – Water
    Q – Steam and Compressed Air
    R – Electrical
    S – Instrumentation
    T – Mechanical
    U – Structures and Buildings
    Z – General

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