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    Poster Session, 2014: Canvasses of tomorrow

    The intellectual dynamics were seen among the young graduate students at the PAPTAC Conference where they gathered their innovative thoughts during the Poster Session on the 100th Anniversary of PaperWeek in February, 2014, in Montreal.

    About 25 students from more than six universities actively showcased posters which were a cornerstone of the Conference. Viewers were greatly encouraged by viewing the posters of the creative presenters.Their work focused on emerging and sustainable technology, including but not limited to, improving paper strength and barrier properties for versatile use, recovering value-added chemicals from pulping effluent, optimizing cost for recovery boiler, making a paper-based bio-active sensor for detecting chemicals and micro-organisms, and so on. The Poster Session became a place of networking and a chance for transferring academic knowledge to applied fields. This silent art of telling a story through canvas introduced future leaders who would take their new and innovative ideas to the next scientific world.

    This event took an exciting turn with the competitive awards offered to emerging scientists. The highlight was when the Executive Director of PAPTAC announced the winners of the best poster presentations. Eric Jin and Naz Orang from University of Toronto, Ehsan Zaman from University of British Columbia, and Sana Jahan from McMaster University, were awarded for their masterpieces, and they received cash prizes and certificates. Eric Jin, one of the winners, found this event of poster showcasing, a great opportunity. He received valuable comments, criticisms, and new ideas from students, professors, and industrial professionals. He firmly believes that the exposure of the Poster Session will definitely create momentum in his future work.

    For more than five years PAPTAC has been arranging a Poster Session each year to encourage participation from graduate students. To take the research to a higher platform, this year’s Poster Session was concluded by the annual Student Committee Meeting, with special focus on industry/ academia cooperation. This legacy will be passed from those of UNB, to the graduate students of the University of Toronto, for the 2015 Poster Session.The success and pace of the 2014 Poster Session has paved the way for next year!

    Laboni Ahsan,
    President of Student committee 2013-2014,
    PhD Student,
    University of New Brunswick

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