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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    National Student Problem-Solving Competition

    (This competition does not necessarily take place every year. The competition is confirmed by the Executive Council.)



    Purpose and Objectives

    • To encourage participation in problem-solving activities for undergraduate students in Canada.
    • To reward excellence and innovation.

    Nature of Award
    The award will consist of the following:

    • A certificate, a gold pin and a cash prize to be determined by the Executive Council for first prize.
    • A certificate, a gold pin and a cash prize determined by the Executive Council for second prize.

    The national competition will be open to undergraduate students from a Canadian university, community college or a CEGEP. Submission will be accepted only through participating schools.

    Judging Rules

    • A committee consisting of university / college professors and industry representatives will distribute a practical mill operating problem to schools by September 1st of each year.
    • Each student, or team of up to a maximum of six (6) students, will submit a solution to the school for preliminary evaluation.
    • Participating universities and colleges may subsequently select and submit a maximum of two (2) entries into the national competition by the deadline date.
    • Length of submission: There is no limit to the length of a written submission to the national competition. However, each individual submission must include an executive summary of not more than 10 pages including diagrams (maximum 275 words per page typed double-spaced).
    • Language of submission: English or French.
    • Submissions must be postmarked no later than June 30th.

    Judging Committee
    All eligible submissions will be judged by a committee consisting of representatives of both academia and industry based on the following criteria: Ingenuity and practicality of the solution (Inventiveness): 40%

    • Logical scientific and engineering content (Principles): 30%
    • Organization and style of the report: 30%

    The competition is sponsored by PAPTAC.

    Award Presentation
    Presentation of the award will take place during the Annual Meeting of PAPTAC. Winning papers will be published by PAPTAC.

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