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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    2013 I.H. Weldon Award for the Best Paper Overall

    The I.H Weldon Award recognizes the best paper presented by a member or members at any meeting taking place from six months before to six months after the previous Annual Meeting.

    The 2013 award was conferred upon Dr. Derek Gray of McGill University, for his presentation on Crystalline Nanocellulose.

    Patrice Mangin & Dr. Derek Gray



    The I.H. Weldon Award for Best Paper was first presented in 1930 in commemoration of the late Isaac H. Weldon, past president of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association. The award was originally sponsored by Mr. L. Dawe, a former secretary of the Association.

    Nature of Award
    A certificate and a gold pin.

    The I.H. Weldon Award for Best Paper is bestowed upon the Regular Member, Associate Member or Student Member who presents the best paper at an official meeting of PAPTAC from six months before to six months after the previous Annual Meeting.

    All qualifying papers presented at official meetings of PAPTAC will be automatically entered and considered by the judging committee.

    Judging Rules
    The following rules apply:

    • Competition for the award will be open only to Regular Members, Student Members and Associate Members in good standing at the time of presentation of the paper.
    • In arriving at their decision the judges shall take into account:
      • The practical value of the paper in its possible application to the pulp and paper industry.
      • The amount of study and investigation shown in its preparation.
      • The composition and literary merit.
    • Papers to be eligible for competition must be the bona fide productions of those who contribute them and must not have been previously made public, nor made available to any other society in whole or in part, and will be the property of PAPTAC.
    • In the event of the Executive Council not considering any paper in any one year of sufficient merit, no award will be made.

    Judging Committee
    Chairman appointed annually by the Executive Council. The Chairman, normally a member of the Executive Council, will enlist two or three volunteers to form the Committee. It will be the duty of the committee to screen all technical papers for possible eligibility in the competition. The Committee may reserve the right not to make the award in any one year, for lack of suitable papers.

    Award Presentation
    The award will be presented to the successful contestant(s) at the following Annual Meeting.

    Eligibility for other Awards
    In the case of a paper presented at a meeting of a branch and at a PAPTAC meeting (i.e., Annual Meeting or theme conference), eligibility will be governed by the initial presentation. That is, if presented first at a Branch meeting, the paper will be eligible for the John S. Bates Award; if presented first at a meeting of the Association, it will be eligible for the I.H. Weldon Award.

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