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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    Journal of Pulp and Paper Science Award

    NB: No more attributed since 2011, when JPPS publication stopped



    This award was inaugurated in 2004.

    Purpose and Objectives


    • To recognise the authors of the best paper published in JPPS in a given year.

    Nature of Award
    A certificate and a gold pin.

    The paper must appear in JPPS during the year for which is the award is given.

    All papers published in the Journal of Pulp and Paper Science in the given year will automatically be considered for the award.

    Judging Committee
    Eligible papers will be judged by a panel consisting of representatives of the Associate Scientific Editors of JPPS, and chaired by the Scientific Editor.

    Judging Rules
    Papers will be judged based on the following criteria :

    • Contribution to Science - The paper must make a clearly recognizable addition to the science of the pulp and paper industry.
    • Originality - The paper must be original. The bulk of the paper must contain information not previously published, either by the authors or by others.
    • Quality of Writing - The paper must be well organized and must tell a clear story.
    • Illustrations, Figures, Graphs and Data - Information in the form of figures, tables and graphs must be well presented and easy to follow.

    Award Presentation
    Certificates to authors of the best paper will be presented at the Annual Meeting of PAPTAC.

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