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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    Honorary Life Membership

    An Honorary Life Membership was presented to Tom Paisley, Mill Manager, Irving Paper, in regognition of his extrordinary work and leadership at PAPTAC.

    Tom Paisley & Greg Hay



    First established in 1929, as of 1996, forty Honorary Life Memberships have been granted. Until 1996, this membership category was limited to 12 living members. In 1996, Council deemed it worthy to modify this restriction and expand the number of Honorary Life Memberships, although not more than one recipient will be named in one year. It is not mandatory that this award be granted on a yearly basis.

    Purpose and Objectives
    (from Article 2 of the PAPTAC By-Laws)
    "Honorary Life Members may be elected by unanimous vote of the Executive Council from time to time in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Association and the pulp and paper industry."

    Nature of Award
    A certificate and a gold pin.

    Honorary Life membership recognises an individual for making a significant and demonstrable contribution to advance the program of PAPTAC through voluntary service and leadership in any of the various functions within the Association's structure, which includes council activities, committees, branch activities, conferences, and courses.

    Members of PAPTAC are encouraged to nominate individuals who are suitably qualified.

    Nominations must be submitted in writing, and must substantiate the contribution of the candidate. This may be either through a series of achievements over a long period of time, or in an exceptional case, may be for a single achievement which clearly stands out as being significant.

    Judging Rules
    Criteria for eligibility:


    • Evidence of significant contribution to PAPTAC through voluntary leadership and service.
    • Having advanced the cause of the Association so that its programs are elevated to a higher level, implicitly making a lasting contribution to the Association.
    • Imaginative use of the Association's resources thereby improving the administration of the organization.
    • Contribution manifested through a leadership position or an affiliation.
    • Outstanding service rendered through activities on Council, committees, branches, conferences, courses, publications, standards.

    Judging Committee
    The Executive Council of PAPTAC will be responsible for the selection of an Honorary Life Member.

    Award Presentation
    The conferring of an Honorary Life Membership will take place at the PAPTAC's Annual Meeting.

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