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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    2012 Energy Conservation Opportunity Award

    Energy Conservation Opportunity Awards are presented to the individuals working in the industry who submit the best examples of energy conservation opportunities applied in Canada. 

    The 2012 winner is: Véronique Morin, Cascades Boxboard Group – East Angus, a division of Cascades Canada ULC, Canada, for "Medium consistency loop optimization"


    Energy Conservation Opportunity Award to Véronique Morin,
    Cascades Boxboard Group – East Angus,
    presented by Cindy Macdonald and Greg Hay




    In December 1981, the PAPTAC Executive Council, on the recommendation of the Energy Committee, approved the establishment of an Energy Conservation Award.

    Purpose and Objectives
    To recognise the importance of conserving energy in Canadian pulp and paper mill operations.

    Nature of Award
    A certificate and prizes in the amounts of $400, $250 and $150. The award is sponsored by the Pulp & Paper Canada Magazine and Natural Resources Canada.

    The award is presented on an annual basis to the individuals working in Canadian pulp, paper or board mills who submit the best examples of Energy Conservation Opportunities or successful projects, justified by whatever means e.g., production, quality, environment, etc., as long as there are significant impacts on energy reduction. The deadline for submission of entries is specified each year.

    Entries should be energy conserving ideas applied in Canada, even if the development has been used elsewhere.

    Judging Rules
    The following rules apply :


    • Only Canadian pulp, paper, and board mills are eligible for the award.
    • Entries will be judged for:
      • Innovativeness
      • Applicability within the pulp and paper industry
      • Return on investment and size of savings
      • Simplicity of installation and ease of implementation
      • Clarity and format as initially submitted

    Judging Committee
    The entries will be judged by a sub-committee of the Energy Cost Saving Committee including their Liaison Councillor.
    Final approval of the judging decision will be necessary from the Executive Council. In the event that no entry in any one year is of sufficient merit, no award will be presented.

    Award Presentation
    This award is presented to the winner at the following PAPTAC Annual Meeting.

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