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    PAPTAC - Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada


    John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal

    Robert Pelton, McMaster Centre for Pulp and Paper Research, was presented with the John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal, awarded to a member of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada for long-term contributions to the industry.

    Robert Pelton & Paul Stuart


    Invitation for Nominations
    Please consider submitting the name of a worthy candidate for PAPTAC's most prestigious award. Nominations should be received by August 31st.


    The John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal is PAPTAC's premiere award, and was instituted at the 75th Annual Meeting of PAPTAC, to recognise the contribution of its founder, and first chairman, Dr. John S. Bates. The first medal was called "The 75th Anniversary Gold Medal", and was presented to Dr. Bates on February 2nd, 1989 in his 101st year. It became the John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal on Dr. Bates' death in November 1991.

    Purpose and Objectives
    The John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal may be presented annually to a member of PAPTAC in recognition of long-term scientific and technological contributions to the pulp and paper industry.

    Nature of Award
    Engraved gold medal, a certificate and a gold pin.

    The medal may be awarded to an individual member of the Association:

    • Nominations for the Medal may be made by any five PAPTAC members in good standing.
    • Nominations must be on the form provided by the Association, and must be received by the Executive Director of PAPTAC by August 31st, to be considered for the following year's Medal.
    • Nominations will be valid for three years.
    • Multiple nominations of the same individual are discouraged.
    • Current members of the Executive Council, and of Council's Award Committee are not eligible during their terms of office. If such are nominated, their nominations will be valid for the three years following completion of their terms.
    • Current members of the Executive Council, and of the Council Awards Committee may not make nominations.
    • Past recipients are not eligible for the award.
    • A member may not nominate him/herself.
    • Posthumous awards may only be made in the event that the Executive Council will have reached its decision before the death of the intended recipient is known.

    Judging Rules
    Only one Medal can be awarded in any year. However, if no suitable candidate is nominated, an award need not be made.

    Judging Committee
    The Executive Council of PAPTAC will be responsible for the selection of medallists.

    Award Presentation
    Normally the Medal will be presented at the PAPTAC Annual Meeting.

    pdfInformation Form for Nominators

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