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To provide a forum through which the Pulp and Paper industry may meet to:

• Report on safety incidents and safe practice improvements
• Discuss and consult with other members on problems within their plants
• Learn about new technology via supplier seminars or presentations
• Share new ideas, experiences and technologies
• Report on equipment failures and operational incidents
• Network with members from the main boiler manufacturing and repair companies and steam and energy consulting firms
• Witness new technology in action via site tours
• Review and discuss BLRBAC incident reports

Committee meetings will be held once or twice per year as determined by the steering committee. The meetings may vary in location pending site upgrades at respective mills. The location will vary, but a fair attempt will be made to host in the eastern Canada region to even out travel expenses for respective members. The meetings will normally be held in June and November of each year. Beyond these time frames, meeting dates can only be changed with consensus from the floor.

Meetings will be three days in duration; this includes the steering committee meeting preceding the general meeting. The business session will be held the morning of the first general meeting day and will be open to all members and guests. If agreed upon, joint meetings with other technical associations may be held to expand technical dialogue within the industry. In that case, at the discretion of the Steering Committee, an additional one day could be added for discussions specifically to BLRBAC issues.

The costs associated with each meeting (room rental, catering, audio/video equipment etc) will be covered by a predetermined meeting dues, based on anticipated cost and attendance. Each attendee will be responsible for their own expenses, including travel lodging and meals.

Presentations should attempt to address operational issues as well as new technologies and be non-commercial in nature.

The chairperson will:

• Serve a term of three years
• Be a member of the steering committee
• Maintain order and run the meetings
• Approve presentations for committee meetings
• Should the chairperson be unable to attend meeting or perform his duties he will delegate that duty to a member of the steering committee
• Attempt to attract new members by inviting interested mills to committee meetings
• Prepare the steering committee meeting agenda
• Be aware of the amounts and location of committee funds
• have (or designate) co-signing authority of all cheques and singular signing authority for other legal documents

The sectary/treasurer will:

• Serve a term of three years
• Be a member of the steering committee
• Prepare and distribute meeting agendas prior to meetings
• Receive and forward presentations to the chairperson or his delegate for approval
• Prepare and distribute the minutes of the committee meeting
• Make arrangements with hotels and meeting spaces
• Maintain the committee membership mailing lists
• Control the committee funds and keep the chairperson aware of the amount and location of committee funds
• co-sign (or designate the co-signing of) all cheques
• provide a financial report at each meeting

Steering committee:
The steering committee will:

• Be comprised of a minimum of six members with eight being ideal
• Assist the chairperson and secretary/treasurer in the performance of their respective duties
• Meet the evening before the general committee meetings
• Review committee bylaws at least once per year and may make amendments to these bylaws based on the approval of 2/3 of the committee members with a minimum of 6 members in attendance
• Non mill members may be on the steering committee and may fill the various positions including chairperson
• Membership in the steering committee will have no limits on the length of time served and will be based upon availability and participation
• Provide replacement for the chairperson and secretary/treasurer as called upon
• Recommend topics for presentation to the committee meetings

Bylaws were adopted on November 17, 2005 / Revision 1 on June 11, 2012

• List of current Steering Committee Members – click here

• List of ECBLRBAC members – click here


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