May 25, 2012



Greg Hay
Executive director


PAPTAC Supports FPAC's Vision 2020 - Canada's Natural Advantage

FPAC (the Forest Production Association of Canada) recently released its industry-led Vision 2020 under the brand of "Canada's Natural Advantage", charting a bold and innovative future for Canada's Forest Products Industry and outlining where it sees itself by the year 2020.

PAPTAC supports this vision that focuses on the Canadian forest products industry to power Canada’s new economy by being green, innovative and open to the world, through three major components and objectives: People - by renewing the workforce with at least 60,000 new recruits; Environment - by delivering a further 35% improvement in the sector's environmental footprint; and Products - by generating an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new innovations and growing markets.

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Energy Conservation Opportunity Contest


Spring 2012 Standard Methods
Committee Meeting

The awards are presented on an annual basis to the individuals working in Canadian pulp, paper and board mills who submit the best examples of energy conservation opportunities or successful projects, justified by whatever means, e.g. production, quality, environment, etc., as long as there are significant impacts on energy reduction.The competition takes place under the auspices of the PAPTAC Energy Community
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The PAPTAC Standard Methods Committee will hold its spring meeting on May 31st starting at 9:00 am EDT at FPInnovations, Pointe Claire, QC.

As many of the members of some of the other Technical Communities are users of standards, they are welcome to provide input and/or feedback that can help guide the SMC in the development of new PAPTAC standards that are relevant to users, as well as all PAPTAC members who wish to participate.
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