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  April 24, 2012



International Nanotechnology Conference 2012

PAPTAC partners with TAPPI for this edition of the International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials, that will take place June 4-7, 2012 in Montreal, QC Canada, and that will also feature a tour of CelluForce, the world's first NanoCrystalline Cellulose (NCC) plant located in Windsor, QC.
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New Leadership of the
Process Control Community


Update from the
Standard Methods Committee

Holton Quinn, Chairman

We are pleased to announce that Holton Quinn, Process Control Engineer at Alberta Newsprint Company will be the new chairman of the PAPTAC Process Control Community. The leadership of the community is meeting during the Control Systems Conference this week in New Orleans, LA to dicuss future plans and projects for the coming year and is also considering holding the next edition of Control Systems (the world's preeminent meeting for pulp and paper process measurement, control and systems engineering) in 2014 in Canada. Holt has recently been awarded the Douglas Atack Award for Best Mechanical Pulping paper, for "Mill Experience in Newsprint Quality Prediction at the TMP Refiners" presented at PaperWeek Canada 2011.
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After the publication of D.35 (Equivalent Black Area (EBA) of Visible Dirt in Pulp, Paper & Paperboard by Image Analysis) & D.37 (Z-Directional Strength of Paper and Paperboard) at the end of February, there remains 15 completed standard test method revisions awaiting submission to PAPTAC for publication.
Beyond that, there are 27 more test method revisions and 2 new test methods in development in various stages of progress within the committee.
The commiittee is planning a Spring meeting which is to take place later in May (exact date to be confirmed).

About PAPTAC Standard Testing Methods

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