October 16, 2015

U of T leads the way with PAPTAC's Student Community


The PAPTAC Student Community's vision is to create effective communication and collaboration between students and the industry.
Student Community executives from the University of Toronto just had a student info session including a brochure and presentation slides, and engaged quite a few students, especially undergraduate students.
Under the leadership of its President Eric Jin, the Community now counts over 430 members across Canada from over 50 universities and colleges.

Click here for the Student Community Microsite
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Entries Now Open : PAPTAC Business Awards 2016   Consistency Best Practices Webinar


In its efforts to underline excellence for the pulp and paper industry, PAPTAC is pleased to launch its 2016 National Business Awards in conjunction with PaperWeek Canada which will be held in Montreal February 1-5, 2016.
These recognitions provide an opportunity to promote the highest levels of business leadership in the Canadian pulp & paper and forest-based industry and are awarded on the largest National platform during PaperWeek Canada, organized by PAPTAC.
Click here for all details on the PAPTAC Business Awards 2016


The PAPTAC Papermaking Technology Community will hold a webinar entitled "Consistency Best Practices" on October 23, 2015.

This webinar, presented by Stefano Antonacci, Sales Manager, Valmet, will address how consistency control is achieved and ways to do it with different technologies.

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