April 15, 2015

Mark Martinez, UBC, becomes the new Chair of PAPIER

Mark Martinez
Professor - UBC
Director, Pulp and
Paper Centre
Director, Advanced Papermaking Initiative

PAPTAC is pleased to announce that Mark Martinez of UBC will succeed Paul Stuart as Chairman of PAPIER.

Mark Martinez, Professor at UBC, specializes in Fluid mechanics, flow visualization, multiphase flows and computational fluid dynamics with applications to industrial problems. He holds a bachelor and master’s from University of Toronto and a PhD from University of British Columbia.

Professor Martinez' current projects include Advanced Particle Fractionation Systems (NSERC Strategic Grant, AzkoNobel), The Effect of Embossing Patterns on Flow Imbibition in Porous Media (NSERC CRD with Kruger Products), Production and Characterization of Micro fibrillated Cellulose and Hydrogels (Canfor Pulp Ltd, Catalyst Paper, NSERC CRD with Domtar Corp), Pressure Filtration of Soft Porous-Particle Suspensions (NSERC CRD with Valmet and AkzoNobel), Silica Removal in Bamboo Pulps (Lee & Man), Modelling of the Heat Transfer in Cyclotron Targets (TRIUMF) and Novel Biomaterials from Cellulose (NSERC Green Fibre Network).

Under the secretariat of PAPTAC, PAPIER brings together the Canadian University pulp and paper centres through the Pulp and Paper Network for Innovation in Education and Research (PAPIER). PAPIER advances the culture of collaboration between university and industry. The network leadership is comprised of the director (or an designated professor) from each university pulp and paper centre. PAPIER also helps fund student-driven activities and initiatives within PAPTAC’s Student Community.

PAPTAC's Niagara Branch Meeting   2015 Atlantic Branch Conference

The Niagra Branch “Technical Day and Golf Meet” will take place June 19, 2015 in Niagara Falls (ON). The program will focus on Reliability, Safety, and Workforce Renewal, complemented by roundtable discussions on each topic, and followed by an afternoon of golf. The event is open free of charge to all industry members who have an interest in attending. Please email Carmie Lato to register - (clato@paptac.ca, 514.392.6969).
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Jenna Hazelton
Irving Tissue
Saint John
Atlantic Branch Chair

Jenna Hazelton, new Chair of the PAPTAC Atlantic Branch, and the executive committee invite you to join the Spring 2015 Atlantic Branch Conference, which will be held June 3-5, 2015, at the Quality Hotel & Conference Centre, Campbellton, New Brunswick, and hosted by AV Cell Inc.

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