November 22, 2013


Environment Community Webinar

The Environment Community will host a webinar entitled ''Quebec Carbon Cap and Trade'' on December 4, 2013.

This webinar will be presented by Myrzah Bello, M. Sc., M. Env. Director, Climate Change, SNC-Lavalin Environment & Water.

Please click here for all details and registration

Mechanical Pulping Community Webinar   Certificate of Appreciation presented to Adriaan van Heiningen
Alberta Newsprint Company Mill

The Mechanical Pulping Community will organize a webinar entitled ''Energy Cost Management in Pulp & Paper Industry'' on December 11, 2013.
The presentation will cover ANC experience, hurdles towards energy conservation, results and major projects.
This webinar will be presented by Surendra Singh, Alberta Newsprint Company.

Please click here for all details and registration

Patrice J. Mangin, PAPTAC chairman ex-officio, represented PAPTAC during the last CSChE Conference to award a certificate of appreciation which was confered upon Adriaan van Heiningen, prof. Maine University, for his work in the field of biorefinery, during the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering or CSChE.
(L. to R.: Patrice Mangin, Adriaan van Heiningen, Paul Stuart)

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