July 11, 2012



PAPTAC as vehicle for engineers' continuing professional development requirements


Most Engineering Orders in Canada have mandatory continuing professional development requirements as a condition for license renewal. Professional Development is defined as any activity that helps one maintain the required standard of professional competence and remain current in their chosen field of practice. Activities such as conferences, courses, workshops, on-line training, tradeshows, committee participation, publishing articles in technical journals, preparation and presentations at technical conferences, etc. offered by technical societies such as PAPTAC are recognized vehicles towards logging these mandatory professional development hours.
"For me this is a great membership asset as I get to participate to PaperWeek and learn the latest on the industry, while being able to log this against my required professional development hours for the Quebec Order of Engineers" - Marie Dumontier, Eng.

It is the order's member responsibility to develop and maintain his/her knowledge and competency skills, and report the necessary PD hours to his/her Order. PAPTAC membership provides you the necessary platforms to meet at least some of these requirements. Check out the Events calendar and plan to attend those activities that will support your continuing education and your Orders PD requirements.
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PAPTAC Members Directory Now On-line

PAPTAC is pleased to announce that a new Members Directory is now available online.

As a PAPTAC member, you can consult the list of all PAPTAC members listed by last name in alphabetical order. Should you wish to contact a member specifically, please contact the PAPTAC staff and we will be pleased to assist you.

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About PAPTAC Membership
PAPTAC is a wide and well-organized network of individuals and represents a world of information exchange and experience for the benefit of the professional development of its members and the pulp and paper industry.
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PAPTAC Membership Cards

2012 marks the return of PAPTAC Membership Cards. Each member will receive his/her personalized card of the Association.
Simply detach the card and make sure to keep it in your wallet. This card shows your affiliation to the Association and ensures a faster service when registering at PaperWeek Canada or any other PAPTAC related event.

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